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Write something Interesting. :[ [May. 28th, 2007|01:19 pm]
Naruto Fan Rants
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When it comes to pairings, I feel that many people are lame-struck. Naruto and Sasuke together are not very great. I mean, when was the last time they saw each other face to face? Was it pretty? No. So why stick with it? Well, who knows... but I just do not see what every one else may be seeing with Naruto and Sasuke getting it on. It is boring. It is so overly boring. I guess I was okay at first... maybe the first 300 fan fictions. Now it is just tiresome. It is kind of like being forced to eating soup everyday. I doubt I would be the only one tired of peeing out chicken noodles. Though I have probably stated other not-to great reasoning for not like Naruto and Sasuke together, the main reason would have to be how boring it is.

Come on... if your going to have a pairing like Sasuke and Naruto, you should have one with Naruto and Itachi. What is the real difference? Both of them are on the bad side. Both of them have tried to kill him. Both of them do not seem to care much for Konoha. I mean really... Itachi looks better then Sasuke. I need a fan fiction that is not crap or a Mary sues that involves them. I may write it myself but what good is that.... I like other people’s writings. Now that i think about it, the main difference is that one is not boring and the other is. One has more too and and One does not. One is simpler to write while another isn't. I have truelly found and Itachi and Sasuke Fan-Fictin that seems like... it could actually happen. Wait no... That was  Harry / Draco Fan-fiction. I wish there was one that was... likely that does not make me want to cry (there was one... just one and it was so sad. Oh my). You have to hunt and search for a good Fanfiction with Ita/Naru while you can go to any site and find Sasuke and Itachi getting it on. What in the world is that about? Can you picture that? Do you fee like vomiting? I do.

Please. Do something interesting. Please.


[User Picture]From: des_butterfly
2007-05-28 09:56 pm (UTC)
I think ItaNaru is one of those pairings that is just...unfeasible if you look at and follow canon. Itachi has no personality</strike> sex drive, nor any connection to Naruto other than wanting the Kyuubi. There is no real connection between them that isn't through Sasuke.

And Naruto would have absolutely no reason to start wanting Itachi's cock. The guy messed up Sasuke so badly, is the entire reason behind Sasuke leaving Konoha in the first place...no way is Naruto ever going to forgive or forget that.

The reason it's so hard to find good ItaNaru is because it's so frikken unfeasible, that either good authors don't touch it, or they work really really hard on building a way for it to work. Ita/Sasu actually becomes more feasible than ItaNaru when you consider that these are already people who have an established bond. Granted, obsession doesn't always lead to hot sexors, but you can more easily make that transition than "no-connection whatsoever except through a secret organization that wants to kill you ----> hot sexors".

And, just a note, "more prolific" does not automatically mean "boring" any more than "rare pairing" means "omgEXCITING". There are more SasuNaru fanfiction, and since 99% of anything is crap anyway, that means there is more crap in SasuNaru fiction than, say, Kisame/Suigetsu fiction. That's not because all SasuNaru authors are boring crap and all Kisame/Suigetsu authors are awesome and great, there's just more of one and less of another.

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From: egotaste
2007-06-01 02:43 am (UTC)
I agree self. Itachi looks sooo much better then Sasuke. Itachi is like... Ice Cream on a hot day while Sasuke is more like... a burnt hot dog in the desert. Ya digg?
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[User Picture]From: des_butterfly
2007-06-01 02:45 am (UTC)
???? uh...okay...
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From: egotaste
2007-06-01 03:04 am (UTC)
Hehe. Sorry i deleted the comment that went before that and retyped it. ;]
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From: egotaste
2007-06-01 02:57 am (UTC)
The connection between both? There is no connection because they have not talked. He has no personality because no one has spent time on it. Recently, he has been showing signs of feeling emotions, mainly in connection his brother and current... Adventures w/Oreo. Which is going against the whole thing with him being emotionless which would mean he would have a personality, even if it were shy or quiet.

Sasuke is gone... so its unfeasible that they could have a relationship. Though Sasuke hasn't killed off his whole family, it was already done, he was yet to show any emotional side besides the Oh naruto your stupid… bababa… I am going to kill my brother even if I have to live in a cave with a pale guy that wants my body, he does not have much of a personality either. The only way for them to work out if is someone twicked his personality or took out a few huge details from the story (Like Naruto not bringing him back)

The established bond they have… well I would believe that after someone chooses killing someone over “ being” you and then saying they were going to kill you to achieve that goal, that you wouldn't want to be in emotional vulnerable relationship with them. After they attempted to killyou, degrade you, and act out basically any form of non-sexual abuse, i would believe those establish bond would not be that strong. Unless your stupid or like being abused.

It would be easier to get Itachi and Naruto together because there is nothing in-between them besides his connection to the Organization and Sasuke. Naruto does not seem like the one to kill-- just to kill, so I doubt that what he is thinking about in terms of Itachi is anything besides “You hurt Sasuke. Bad Man! I‘ll beat you up… and then make you give up“ . Naruto does not seem to be one to hate without second chances but if he is, that would be an undiscovered part of him, so if he did get to a point to where he knew something of Itachi that was true and not bad, he would probably think differently. Because that’s like saying Sasuke could never be good again after going pretty bad, ya know?

I get bored with things that are common ,so for me 'more prolific' does mean boring but you are right 'rare' pairings aren't always exciting... sometimes they annoy me (Like Kakashi with Gai or Sakura).

Like… read my comment to myself. I agree with myself.

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